The Board

Jessy Rae Thomsen


An innovative and creative graphic designer who designed the logo for One Bowl. She is a visionary and very cheerful person who strongly believes in the core values and mission of One bowl.

Allwin Jebahar

Co-Founder and Chairman

Known for his loud and joyous laughter which makes everyone forget their miseries. A visionary and persevering person who wears multiple hats such as vision strategist, volunteer coordinator, accountant, operations, communications, chef, driver to lead One Bowl. After the new board was formed in Dec 2020, he now focuses on vision, strategy and at times handles other tasks as needed.  His sole ambition is to touch upon many lives through love and generosity with One Bowl.

Vigneshwar Karthikeyan

Board member

I joined One Bowl as an on-call chef, and soon found myself in the board involved in volunteer co-ordination. I am a passionate chef and through One Bowl’s generosity I was able to bring that passion to life. I’ve gained culinary experience, friendships, and a place where I truly belong. In my capacity, it is my focus to bring out the best of this organization, build a strong community and bring positive impact to people’s lives through food, and love.

Jurgita Kvetkauskaite

Board Member, Vice Chairman

Passionate about humanities and bringing positive changes within the society while celebrating diversity. Her dedication to One Bowl has been stupendous as she cooked and delivered food for the shelter organizations consecutively every Monday from October 2020 to July 2021 despite her busy schedule. She is a versatile person and currently focuses on partnerships and collaborations.

Margarita Bobadilla