Article of Association/ vedtægter

Name and purpose

The name of the association is One Bowl. The organization is a Non profit organization (almindelig forening). The association is located in Copenhagen Municipality. One Bowl is a non profit community restaurant, which serves food on a “pay as you feel” basis. It is based on our vision, to bring back the emphasis on community life based on values, such as love, trust, generosity and kindness.

Liabilities and power to bind

The liabilities of the association are only guaranteed by the association’s assets. The signatures of the chairman and one member of the board has the power to bind externally. Furthermore, the board can grant power of procuration. The board members are not personally liable for the association’s liabilities. Likewise, the members of the association cannot make a claim on the association’s assets.


Anyone who wants to support the purpose of the association actively, can be adopted as a member. Enrollment is done by providing the association with name, address, mail and telephone number. The membership fee must be paid to make the enrollment effective. The admission of a new member can be declined if a majority of the board members votes for rejecting the enrollment.

It was agreed to establish a membership fee with 2 options:

  • A yearly fee (from January – December)
    • 50 kr for students and seniors
    • 100 kr for others
  • All lifetime members from the period before December 2019 will continue to hold their lifetime membership

The board

It is the responsibility of the board that the association’s guidelines are adhered to. The board must consist of no less than three members and no more than five members. The board is allowed to have two supplementary members, who could step up in case of a member leaving temporarily. The supplementary members will be able to participate in all board activities, but will not have the right to vote. The board members are elected at the general assembly by all members for a duration of two years. Half of the board members will be on election the first year and the other half the following year and so forth. The first time the board members will draw lots as to who is on election. Re­election is allowed. In case a board member resigns before time, a supplementary election is done at the next general assembly, unless the board has less than three members. In that case the board has the right to find a replacement for the resigning board member at a general assembly. The board constitutes itself with a chairman, vice chairman and a treasurer. The board safeguards the interests of the association externally and internally. The board can elect a daily manager. The daily manager has the right to participate in the board meetings and come with suggestions, but does not have the right to vote.

The work of the board

The board meeting is held after a notice of minimum one week. The board can make decisions when more than half of the board members are present. The board makes decisions by majority of votes. In case of equality of votes, the vote of the chairman is decisive. Minutes should be written at every meeting.


The association’s accounts follow the calendar year. The accounts consist of an operating account, a status and an annual report. The account is revised by an accountant chosen by the board. The treasurer is responsible for the daily accounting following the given rules and in accordance with general accounting policies.

General assembly

The general assembly is held every year at the latest in the month of March. The general assembly is called by giving a notice of at least four weeks on the association’s website or visibly hanged at the venue used by the association.

At the general assembly the following matters shall be treated: 

1) Choosing a leader for the meeting 

2) Budget 

3) Annual report 

4) Annual financial statement 

5) Approving the annual membership fee 

6) Choosing an accountant

7) Electing the board and alternates 

8) Miscellaneous suggestions from the assembly

Suggestions from members or board members must be received by the board at least two weeks before the general assembly. In order for decisions to be made in any matter, the subject should be on the agenda beforehand, as described above. The decisions of the agenda require a majority of votes, unless otherwise stated in these articles of association. Every member only has one vote. Every present member can bring only one power of attorney from a member who could not be present. The votes can be submitted in writing upon request from one of the present members. An extraordinary general assembly can be held upon request from at least one third of the members or from the majority of the board. In this case, a notice of four weeks must be given.

Change of articles of association

A change of articles of association requires a majority of votes of at least two third of the participating members on two consecutive general assemblies with at least fourteen days gap.


Dismissal of the association, or fusion with other associations, requires a majority of votes of at least two third of the participating members with at least fourteen days gap. By dismissal of the association, a surplus of money (after all liabilities are met) should be transferred to a different association which fulfills the purpose of this association.

The articles of association were revised on the 3rd of December 2019.