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A place where people gather, cook, eat, and share.

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Share with One Bowl Community Restaurant.

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Volunteer with One Bowl

One Bowl offers a unique opportunity to volunteer.

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One Bowl is community driven.

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Good food, sunshine and wonderful people


Volunteer with us

Volunteer with us

One Bowl is completely run by volunteers. We are always looking for new people to join our team and join the fun.

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Street Bowl

Street Bowl

We love spreading sharing One Bowl and meeting new people. We call it Street Bowl, where we take our cargo bike to the streets.

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Make a Donation

Make a Donation

One Bowl community restaurant we are completely community supported. Support One Bowl through a financial donation.

Welcome to One Bowl Community Restaurant: A place to gather with friends, newcomers and community members alike to enjoy lovingly prepared and nutritious food We are not just a cafe but rather we are a space open for all, no matter the circumstances to come and share in the value of good and nourishing food that is thoughtfully prepare by a team of devoted volunteers. To make this dream a reality we offer meals on a 'pay as you feel' basis meaning that regardless of your current life situation, whether you are in crisis, need a friend or just fancy a meal out in your local community that doesn't break the bank, we would be delighted in welcoming you to eat, share and spend your Wednesday evening with us.

Update: One Bowl is temporarily closed - We are in the process of relocation


 One Bowl extraordinary board meeting!

We are pleased to announce One Bowl extraordinary board meeting on the 25th July @ 19:00 and on the 8th August @20:30. The agenda for the first meeting will be changing the bylaws of the organization with regards to the vision of the organization, which we’ll vote for during the second meeting. All members and One Bowl supporters are most welcome to the meeting.