Past initiative – Supporting homeless shelters (2021)

Various circumstances lead numerous souls to face the harsh reality of having limited access to affordable and nutritious food. To address this food insecurity concern, a team of dedicated volunteers at One Bowl initiated collaborations with a couple of homeless shelters in and around Copenhagen. The partnership was established alongside creating a safe, cosy and warm community dining space at our current location.

One Bowl was awarded a funding of 300,000 DKK from Socialstyrelsens under Frivilligt socialt arbejde. As a result of this funding, One Bowl partnered with seven various homeless shelter organizations. The funding received covered the groceries and rent for One Bowl to provide meals to homeless shelters for a period of one year (July 2020 – June 2021) During this one year, One Bowl has served 6680 meals with lots of love, dedication and care.

The list of shelter organizations we partnered with are as follows. Feel free to check their pages for more information!
  1. YouPeople
  2. Hillerodgade
  3. Istedgade 100
  4. Lyngby Shelters
  5. StreetCare
  7. Blossom Project

Despite exhausting the above-mentioned funding, One Bowl still continues to provided meals to homeless shelters in a limited capacity. We now rely on the support of our community to keep One Bowl open and to continue cooking for the homeless shelters. That’s why, every time you come get a delicious meal prepared by our volunteers and pay as you feel, you help us keep the dream of a more secure world alive.

“Our shelter is very small. We have very little space and no possibilities of cooking for our guests, nor is it allowed by the Danish rules on kitchen/cooking. We only have one room and do laundry there. Our guests are mainly rough sleepers. All year round they love a warm meal. Especially in winter and the cold and windy Danish spring this year, the food from One Bowl was most welcome. Our guests are not used to vegan food but very much welcomed it and looked forward to it every time. It was a great, great help to have a warm meal on cold days, and they were very thankful.

As head of the shelter, I picked up the food at One Bowl and also had all correspondence. It all went smooth and it was a joy and pleasure every time to meet in at One Bowl, and to see how enthusiastic they were and such good chefs! On behalf of the guests from the shelter, I had special wishes on a very protein-rich diet, as our guests walk many miles every day. This wish was immediately welcomed by One Bowl and we always had very good conversations about the meals. The biggest THANK YOU from Day Shelter Istedgade 100!”

Lene Rindal Nielsen, Leader @ Istedgade 100