South Indian night with a Malaysian Twist

We thought it was time to bring back the South Indian night, and we’re doing it with a Malaysian twist. 🌞

Our Indo-Malaysian volunteer chef-couple, Purnima and Mugesh, are bringing an explosion of flavors to your plate this Sunday. ❤️ 🌱

The main course will be:
1) Rasam – A tangy/spicy South Indian soup with tomatoes and herbs 😉
2) Vendaikkai (Okra) Poriyal – Stir-fried Okra  🌿
3) Carrot Poriyal – Stir-fried carrots with shredded coconut 🥰
4) Crispy cauliflower ❤️

All of this will be served with a bed of rice, pappadom, and optionally (if you prefer) South Indian Mango pickle. My mouth is already watering as I type this menu, but it isn’t over yet.

For the much-awaited Malaysian twist, we’ll serve Kuih Pelita for dessert. It is a double-layered rice flour custard cake. In a nutshell, it is one royal feast.

Our doors are open from 17:00 – 20:00, and everything is fresh, plant-based, and prepared in-house with a lot of love, as always. ❤ 🌱

Finally, to make it wholesome, Omar’ The Chai Guy’ will serve some of his delicious chai that he will prepare in front of you. Say hi to him! 🙂

We look forward to giving you this experience. 😉  See you on the 19th, and don’t forget to sign up.



This event is fully booked.