South Indian Night

South Indian …. Okay, now that we have your attention! 🌞

The warmth of the summer sun may be fading away, but we’re sure this menu will bring it back. 🌞 Our very own chairman Allwin is stepping into the kitchen to bring you a South Indian feast on the 18th of September. 🥰 Here’s the menu of the day. 😇

  • Kondakadalai koottu – Black chickpea stew with homemade spices
  • Urulai varuval – South Indian style potato fry
  • Carrot poriyal – South Indian style cooked carrot salad
  • Rucola salad with orange and nuts – just to keep things fresh and light, though it may lack Indian roots.
  • The dishes will be served alongside a bed of coconut rice. 🤤

Everything will always be plant-based, authentic, fresh, and homemade. 🌱 We will be open from 17:00 to 21:00, and it will be DINE-IN ONLY.

See you on the 18th. ❤️


This event is fully booked.