South Indian evening returns!

Hey everyone! Our veteran chef Giri is coming all the way from Syddanmark to cater a mouthwatering ‘Sydindisk’ dinner! We want to open our doors and treat you to an absolute feast! 😉
The menu consists of simple and elegant classics:
  • Sambar – Typically a lentil-vegetable stew, but this time, made with a blend of spices, with tamarind juice to hit all the right spots. It will be served alongside a bed of rice.
  • Rasam – A spicy soup typically containing tomatoes, black pepper, seasoned with traditional south indian spices.
  • Carrot and beans poriyal – A side dish stir fry of carrots and beans.
  • Potato fry.
  • Appalam.
A wholesome and comforting meal awaits you this Sunday. Our food is always authentic, fresh, plant-based, and homemade, with much passion and love. We start at 17:00, and our kitchen closes at 19:00, but you can stay until 20:00. 🙂 Come as you are, pay what you can, and let’s make this a fantastic evening. 🌱
See you on Sunday. Cheers.
One Bowl
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This event is fully booked.