Ramen night

We have so much for you this Sunday!!!!

Our veteran chef, Agnieszka, and a strong team of volunteers will be making Ramen! The most comforting meal imaginable in the recently cold days!

The Ramen:
A creamy, umami-filled miso mushroom ramen served with tofu topped with seasonal veggies and homemade black garlic oil. That’s top-class stuff right here!!!
We look forward to having you over this Sunday. Our food is always authentic, fresh, plant-based, and homemade, with much passion and love. We start at 17:00, and our kitchen closes at 19:00, but you’re welcome to chill until 20:00. 🙂 Put on your eating pants, come as you are, and pay what you can. 🌱<3
See you on Sunday. Cheers.
One Bowl
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This event is fully booked.