Volunteer Terms

One Bowl volunteer

Volunteering Requirements:

One bowl is completely run by volunteers, and to make that possible we have some requirements/guidelines for all our volunteers. Please read through the requirements, we do this so you know what we expect before you commit to anything.

Requirements for being a volunteer at One Bowl:

Understand and spread the values of One Bowl Commit to volunteering at least 2x shifts a month for 3 months. After 3 months commitment, after that time we will check in with you and hear how it’s going and if you want to continue.


We have 3 teams of volunteers every night: kitchen, host and serving/cleaning. We will ask you to:
Show up for your shift on time and finish your tasks as planned If you are not able to make your shift, you are responsible to notify the volunteer coordinator of your absence at least one day in advance and/or if you are able find a replacement for your shift.

What you will recieve:

Make a difference amongst people who experience food insecurity.

Learn to cook amazing plant based dishes from all around the world

Get hands on experience working for a socio-economic initiative.

You are encouraged to express and nurture your talents, ideas and dreams. Get professional training on restaurant tasks, and gain practical knowledge on how to prepare different kinds of food.

Make friends from all over the world, enjoy different cultures and eventually expand your network.

Get a reference letter for your future career development.